Thursday, 12 September 2013

How is paper made?

We are trying to find out how paper is made by examining different types of paper when it is ripped.  Today we got out the magnifiers and had a really close look to see what the fibres the paper is made of look like. Are the fibres the same is different paper?  Katie also asked  what is it about paper that means our marks stay on it?
We found out and we think that
- tom - the black paper has white in the middle which shows the black paint or dye is just painted on the outside.  When you tear them the fibres stick out and may be darker than the outside of the paper
- Katie - the tissue looks softer than the paper towel thru the magnifier, the paper towel looks rougher.
- gracie - it depends which kind of paper but all the rips look different under the magnifier so that probably means the fibres are different too and maybe from different trees or other materials
- Jacob - when i ripped the tissue paper it looked like it had hair poking out


  1. so are diffrent kind paper diffrent or are all of them the same??????????????

    1. They are all different.

    2. kaylana is right