Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Shannon has been busy...

Shannon and Rachelle have been busy the last couple of mornings making a treat for us.  This gingerbread house complete with residents and landscaping will be a yummy pre-morning tea treat for us to share tomorrow.  Thanks guys - fantastic job.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Russell has cool toys to share

Russell came to russell street because we earned some epic fun rewards. Jacob liked going up on two wheels. Hannah liked today because it was a monday fun day,. Kaylana said it was an awesome epic day especially when we went up on two wheels.  Tabitha liked going really fast in the sidecar.  Shannnon like when he went on two wheels too, he felt lucky to get two rides.  Shaiv said it was really fast and he likes fast things...likea speed boat.  Harriet liked when he turned fast round the gave her tummy tickles,. Katie liked when she went fast but felt a bit sick at the start. Logan liked when Russell did a u turn. Arisha said he went so fast it was awesome.  Houston said he liked going fast and putting his hand out to feel the wind. Gaby liked it but before she even got in she started to shiver. James said this was the best day ever!  Grace said it was the best ride she ever had. Max liked when he did the wheelies and then went faster and faster.  Tayla felt quite scared but she liked it anyway! Devin felt a bit homesick but then it got fun and she started to laugh cos it felt like being in Santa's sleigh. Yassmine said when he did the turn it felt like flying.  Rebekah said when they went past the hills that he might go over them and she liked the tricks.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dear Santa

We have been pretty good all year. Joy said so. She made us write letters to ask for what we want for xmas and we have told you all the ways we have been good. We even made a list of things we will work on next year too.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Super's Reading Projects

This term the Super's reading group has been working on individual reading projects on subjects they personally found interesting.  They are reading to learn rather than learning to read.  Today they made their final presentations to the class.  What a marvelous job they did too. Tane expanded on his theme of the impact of the human population on the planet, Tabitha compared domestic cats and their wild cousins, Jayden made a clear and succinct explanation of the origin and creation of the rocks our planet is made up of, Katie told us all about service animals, Devin explained why fossils are important to out understanding of life in the past, Cooper had been exploring the impact of dairy farming on the environment, Kaylana has learned about Pukeko and the in place in the environment, and Gracie explained how they celebrate christmas in spanish countries.
Here are some of their examples.

Tane   - Population issues

Jayden  - Rocks

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Today is St Nicholas Day, or Sinterklaas in Holland. Sinterklaas arrives by boat with his helpers, Black Pete. Black pete will chase naughty children with his stick.  The children put out their shoes for presents. If they put out carrots and hay for Sinterklaas white horse they will get sweets.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas reading

Arisha said " we are making St Lucia's crown. Se is a Swedish saint remember ed for helping Jesus' followers and was killed by the romans. Se needs a crown with candles so she can see her way in the dark.
Max and Tom "they have coffee and special buns for breakfast on christmas day. The littlest girl in the house brings it dressed as St Lucia. And if she is too young the boys will help her dressed in white shirts and known as "star boys"