Sunday, 1 September 2013

Making real egg tempura paint like the old masters

To write an explanation the ideas nned to be in order.

How to make egg tempura.
First separate the yolk and the white into a bowl.  We pinched and ripped  the yolk bag and let theyolk out into the bowl. We dropped the paint powder in and stirred it wildly. When the mixture looks really red and yoghurty it is ready to paint with.
Tabitha doesn't really like the colour and it was too sticky.  Shannon liked to paint with it because he had other colours mixed in from the brush.  Arisha found that when she touched thepaunt with the brush she could scoop it up.  Yassmine didn't like the paint because it had other colours in it from the brush.  Logan dosn't think he would use this oaint again becuase it takes too long to dry. Tayla noticed it went crinkly like crayon mark. Tane wouldn't use egg paint agin because the smell is horrible. annah said the paint was gooey and really and not nice to apint with because it was lumpy.

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  1. Nicola (Sams Mum)4 September 2013 at 00:46

    Cool paint making even if it was smelly and sticky.