Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cross country persuasive writing

We have been reflecting on the cross country and we accept that we don't all love it. So this week we wrote a piece of persuasive writing to give our opinion on the whole thing? Yassmine and Tabitha did particularly well.
Tabitha's opinion is "I really like cross country. It is pretty fun. It takes a short time because I zoom through the course. It does not hurt my feet because i have the correct foot wear. When I do the cross country I can feel my legs getting stronger.
Cross country is really fun! You should like cross country.

Yassmines's opinion is "I think cross country is magnificent. I like running because it makes me feel fit. I get fit by moving my body. It makes me happy when i win. It makes me run faster when i practise. I love running, it's my favourite thing.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Starting to create

Today we started the first stage of creating our own cereal. Using basic cereal ingredients and various additives (top secret) we began to make combinations. We evaluated them for looks, taste, their health value and what any big minus's might be. It was a bit messy but fun and we were very serious about the taste evaluations.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bye Rilee

Rilee is off back to her old school in Dannevirke. We wish her all the best and we are sure she will soon make lots of new friends. Maybe she will look on our blog....? Maybe she will send us the address for her class blog over there?

Kei te pehea koe?

Today we worked with our buddies to develop icons to represent different emotions. We are learning how to answer the question "Kei te pehea koe?" Which is asking how you feel. We are learning a range of answers. Come to room 6 or 7 to see the informative posters we made this morning so you can learn how to answer too.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Some gentle persuasion

Tonight a very special report is going home with the Thursday Notices. We are practising our Persuasive Language and we are hoping these reports will persuade our parents to buy us the cereal we really like.

Week 3 Term 2 Class Newsletter

Week 3 Term 2 Hi Everyone The term is off with a rush and a roar. We have been practicing for the Cross Country so hopefully you can come and see us triumph on Tuesday at Skoglund Park if it is fine.
This is a note to let you know a few things:
We have “Catch me if you can” ball skills on Monday and Thursdays so please make sure they have running shoes on.
We have Library time on Mondays so please make sure they have their books ready to return on Monday mornings.
Homework currently consists of a book to read and spelling to practice. All children should have 10 words copied into their homework book on a Monday afternoon and the spelling activities glued onto one of the first pages last term still stand. However any other activities you can think of to make learning their words fun are fine. Try writing them in the sand pit with a stick, painting them with water on the concrete, saying the letters as they skip, or jump on the trampoline. Draw the letters on each others backs…any way to have a bit more practice.
Please make sure your child reads their book each evening. They are developing some good strategies for working out words. Now we are learning how to discuss and explain the ideas in the stories so please ask lots of questions about what they think about what they have read. See if they can ask you an interesting question!
As the weather is now cooler and wetter we will start to have the issue of wet shoes. If possible could your child have a pair of warm socks to keep in their bag to wear as slippers inside? A pair of Dad’s work sox would be great for keeping little feet warm.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Joy js ok

Thanks to everyone who shared their operation stories to reassure me about having an anesthetic . I had my little op today and it all went well except for being REALLY hungry cos i had breakfast at 7am and then didn't have the op until 3pm - 8 hours!!!! The nurses were really nice and nothing hurts! Hope you had a good day with Emily.
Hopefully see you on wednesday before i go to my meeting!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

jets come to coach

Today Houston and Cooper were lucky enough to have a some coaching time with two of the Jets basketball team. They and other basketball players from our school spent the afternon drilling and being challenged by the professionals.One of them was from America and thought Houston's name was very cool as it reminded him of home.

Talking to the professionals

Today we had the chance to speak with Emily and Sarah at Saatchi and Saathci. They made the new ads for Weetbix and spent some time telling us how they did it. We also asked them about the decisions they made about the use of the logo, why there wasn't anyone eating weetbix (not cool!) , and why the heroes in the ads are all sporty rather than dancers or musicians perhaps(coming up hopefully). They were very helpful and explained things very well. They are even happy to email us if we have any more questions. The kids from rm 3 and 5 tried to be part of it but the skype was late starting but they can still email them and get their answers. Stay tuned for our record of the answers to the questions we asked today.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Katie's bunny

My bunny is 10 weeks old And my mums bunny is 12 weeks old. They have a really big huch
With... Hiding places,food,water,beding and a ramp to go to the top and botim. My bunnys name is flopsy and my mums bunnys name is cilla. I love my bunny!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Food pyramids in our lunchboxes

Today we evaluated our lunch boxes to see where each thing fitted onto food pyramid. Ask us how healthy they were.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Excellents reading

This group has been learning how to use information to create a diagram. Here are some examples from Rebekah, Shaiv, Max, Tom, Tayla, Sam, Arisha, and James.
Tom says, we did a diagram about Sam in the story's invention of a bird feeder. We drew the diagram to show it was made out of a plastic bottle and string so it could be tied onto a tree. It had some bread inside it and an opening for the birds to get it out and opening for a lid.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Gift From Rm 9/12 Wednesday Group

Hi 6sess, Here's a book we liked on wegivebooks that we created for you using quicktime screen recording. Hope you enjoy it. James