Monday, 2 September 2013

Colour wheels

Today we had a go at making a colour wheel. We had lots of things to learn about.
How to handle the brush - concnetrate to stay in the lines - go slowly, follow the outline of the space,  press lightly or stroke the paint on
How to use the paint - how to load the brush properly, don't mix the dippers up as it messes up the paint colours, don't splat it everywhere - you have control the brush, 
Mixing colours - be carful to put each one in the right spot on the wheel so it makes sense, some primary colours aren't as strong as the others eg. When you mix the red with another colour it makes a dark colour and the red sort of takes over. So it made sense to have a bit less red in a mixture so that it didn't take over too much.

In conclusion
- shiav said it is weird when you mix colours because you can't be sure what you'll get at the end
- gracie said when you mix red with the blue it sort of comes out brown - so Joy asked - how can we make sure we get purple?
- grace said how come the red is so strong?
- shannon thought it was fun because it was fun to mix the colours and making our own..i had to think hard to get it right.
- logan said it was cool to mix yellow and blur to make green and actually seeing it happen.


  1. Nicola (Sams Mum)4 September 2013 at 00:42

    Great painting 6sess. It's handy to know the colour wheel when you are painting. Your colour wheels look like you have taken real care especially when staying inside the lines.

  2. I like the color wheels,guys.