Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Life in the 365 cereal factory

It has been frantic for the last few days. We have teamed up with room 5 and 3 to actually get the cereal made.
We split into groups in our room and with bright blue smurf hands (gloves) we snipped up dried mango and counted out 100 portions of yoghurt raisins.  A group worked with Suzanne to work just how much we could fit in a packet (Joy had to work out how much it cost - she said it made her brain hurt!). And one group worked with joy to make granola. That was a big day....
THEN some kids from all three classes worked together to create a production line in the hall on Friday morning.  It was interesting to have to do one job all morning (even if it got a bit boring - at least you could get very good at it!). We had to make the boxes, insert the bags, fill the bags, zip them up and put them into boxes for storage.  We got 40 bags filled and then we ran out of granola.
Since then the rest of the bags have been filled and soon they will all be sold. Want to buy the recipe?  I wonder if Mr Hubbard would like it?

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  1. You really are 6sess! You guys did so well working together and producing a healthy and yummy cereal. Awesome work - well done!! :-) Louise - Gracies mum