Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Week 3 Term 2 Class Newsletter

Week 3 Term 2 Hi Everyone The term is off with a rush and a roar. We have been practicing for the Cross Country so hopefully you can come and see us triumph on Tuesday at Skoglund Park if it is fine.
This is a note to let you know a few things:
We have “Catch me if you can” ball skills on Monday and Thursdays so please make sure they have running shoes on.
We have Library time on Mondays so please make sure they have their books ready to return on Monday mornings.
Homework currently consists of a book to read and spelling to practice. All children should have 10 words copied into their homework book on a Monday afternoon and the spelling activities glued onto one of the first pages last term still stand. However any other activities you can think of to make learning their words fun are fine. Try writing them in the sand pit with a stick, painting them with water on the concrete, saying the letters as they skip, or jump on the trampoline. Draw the letters on each others backs…any way to have a bit more practice.
Please make sure your child reads their book each evening. They are developing some good strategies for working out words. Now we are learning how to discuss and explain the ideas in the stories so please ask lots of questions about what they think about what they have read. See if they can ask you an interesting question!
As the weather is now cooler and wetter we will start to have the issue of wet shoes. If possible could your child have a pair of warm socks to keep in their bag to wear as slippers inside? A pair of Dad’s work sox would be great for keeping little feet warm.

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