Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cross country persuasive writing

We have been reflecting on the cross country and we accept that we don't all love it. So this week we wrote a piece of persuasive writing to give our opinion on the whole thing? Yassmine and Tabitha did particularly well.
Tabitha's opinion is "I really like cross country. It is pretty fun. It takes a short time because I zoom through the course. It does not hurt my feet because i have the correct foot wear. When I do the cross country I can feel my legs getting stronger.
Cross country is really fun! You should like cross country.

Yassmines's opinion is "I think cross country is magnificent. I like running because it makes me feel fit. I get fit by moving my body. It makes me happy when i win. It makes me run faster when i practise. I love running, it's my favourite thing.


  1. Well done room 6 on completing your cross country.! It was very cold, but you all ran hard to keep warm.! Congratulations Sam for doing very well.!

  2. Yassmine'sfamily

    good on you yassmine you did very well.we know that you love running too much that's why we encourage you to do so good

  3. I like the detail in your persuasive writing Tabitha and Yassmine. Well done in the cross country and in your writing.

    1. Hey mum,
      Thanks for the comment on my persuasive writing.
      Do you think you could write a persuasive piece of writing?