Sunday, 17 November 2013

A new kid at school!

Shannon  said "I liked it when the dog jumped up and tried to keep the toy in her mouth. Daisha had sharp teeth that could keep the toy in her mouth. I liked it when Brendan got the toy off Daisha and he threw it up in the air, and it landed on the ground. Daisha did a side skid and got the toy. Brendan took Daisha down to where the sand pit is and got her to jump over the wooden hurdles."

We were lucky enough to have Brendon and Daisha come in this morning to help,the Excellents reading group understand the way police dogs work as they are reading a book about Police Dog, Rogue.  It was interesting and exciting to watch them working together. In the photos you can see how strong Daisha's jaws are as Brendon lifts her off the ground by her toy...which she loves and found even when it was hidden in his pocket.
 Max found this link to an article about Rogue and his handler...and his son and grandson!

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