Saturday, 29 June 2013

365 - a delicious breakfast everyday of the year

During this term Rooms 3, 6 and 5 have been working together to produce their very own breakfast cereal. R6 are making the product, R3 are packaging it and R5 are marketing it.

The ingredients we have used for the cereal are granola, puffed rice, mango, yoghurt covered raisins and sweetened with stevia and honey.

If you would like to purchase our cereal we will be selling it in Week 9 at 8.30 outside the school office. The price is $6.

We appreciate your support and all profits raised are going towards the school art space.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

This is kitty cat.

We pushed it to the limit and we were great

6sess by name and 6sess by nature. What a talented bunch we are. I was so impressed by the whole class today. All their practising came together to create a brilliant performance. It was so difficult to get the hang of the ball skills as well as the dance but didn't they look fantastic. I was so excited all the photos are a bit blurry but here's the day with a bit of back stage stuff as well. We shared a dressing room with room 3 so it was packed but they all kept busy and managed themselves so well. I am very proud of all of them. Sleep well and see you tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

James is broken

James has fractured his collarbone and we were lucky enough to get to see his xray. Can you see how the bone along the top of his shoulder, his collarbone, has a snapped? But not all the way through. He has to wear a sling so the bone gets a chance to mend itself. Brave James.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Imagine if your building blocks could make a house you could play in....well now they can. We have now got a set of "Imaginz" building blocks. If you can make with Lego, or k'nex or Meccano then you can make with this. But it is giant sized and makes real size houses etc. We had it out today thru the wet lunchtime and into the afternoon to see how it worked and practise our kotahitanga. The kids were amazing - all 26 of them building the same house but in little groups all working on different parts.  A hive mind!!!  Check out the pics....and roll on the next wet day.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Shannon's car

Shannon has been writing his autobiography. He likes drag racing. Shannon says"this is a paper car I made."

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

James is mouldy!

James ' big sister has been learning about mould in her class so James had ago at growing some at home too. He found out that the bread grows all sorts of mould. Jacob said" it turned green!" He had to add some water to make the mould really start to grow. When the sun shone on it it started to sweat. Just like real plants the moulds are different colours and shapes. Yuck but cool!!!

Persuasive writing - Guided writing

How to write an ad about skiing without using any words about snow!

This ski resort is just like a skating rink only bigger. There is a massive view from the top of the gondola.
Come on down to the ski ramp and you will have the time of your life! See the patterns your tracks make...
Wear a warm jacket, fluffy boots, cozy hat and snuggly gloves.
Come and enjoy the fun at the North Pole. Have you ever seen such a skyscraping wonderland?

Dance notes

Notes for Dance Practise

Circles - sm girls - tab, gab, kay, yas, tay
Big girls - han, ari, dev, har, gra, reb, ril, grc
Boys - all
Left foot in - Arms push in and thenstraighten and out to halfway over and back
Cooper, jay, tan, sam, log, max - got balls

Boys crouch
Girls down big then small - arms up then body down

Ball boys - stand up take 4 steps away and then turn, bounce pass to catch by the next. Boy in the boy circle - count one and stand up to catch
Girls arms up in a V on 5 (1 count after the catch)
Outside girls down, inside down - crouch down head down
Outside up outisde up

Boys - inside 4 bounces and then bounce to outside boys
Outside - lunge changes , catch ball and put away

Split into grps boys on the right

Push it
Boys jump to the left then girls to right
Arms over b thn g step out with arms in the direction of the arms
All turn on four count with arms apart but body bent looking thru arms

Boys first
Square step left foot first1234
Back back
Jump in out in out
B Clap r l r l. G push from chest

Push it
Boys jump to the left then girls to right
Arms over b thn g step out with arms in the direction of the arms
B turn on four count with arms apart but body bent looking thru arms