Monday, 19 August 2013

Scratchy art

First you draw lines on white paper. Then you colour in each space a different colour with pastel. Next you paint over the top with black paint so the colour is all gone!
When the paint dries get an ice block stick and draw the picture. You aren't really drawing because you have to scrape the black off to show the pretty colours underneath.
Max said "i think it is cool becuase when you scrape it it becomes colourful!"
Katie said" i was away so when I did the drawing colourful patterns came up and i got a surprise!"


  1. Wow room 6 that looks amazing
    From Sam Ross

  2. at my old school i done fireworks on this art.

  3. wow room 6 a amazing cool art

  4. That art was fun to do.I hope that we can do it again From tayla..

  5. that art looks so cool.