Sunday, 25 August 2013

How do you make a bubble snake?

We wrote this explanation of the Bubble Snake experiment together.  We are trying to use good description, logical order and time indicating words to write a clear explanation.

 First you have to dip the cloth in the bubble mixture.  Then you have to blow through the hole.   The bubbles come out when you are blowing.  It was like a bubble storm exploding out of the cup.   I can see the bubbles are bouncy when they go in the bowl.  It has millions of bubbles foaming out.  The bubbles are as puffy as a fluffy cloud.  The bubble snake is as long as a python.  The bubbles are like a fluffy toy.

Now we put some red food colouring on the cloth.  I could see foamy red bubbles flowing out of the tiny holes.  The bubbles came out like red, fluffy candy floss.  It was like a long, red snake.

Cooper thinks that heaps of little bubbles come out because there are heaps of tiny holes in the cloth. Katie thinks the bubbles go through really small holes in the cloth and join together to make a big pile of bubbles. Harriet thinks it happens because hundreds of tiny holes had bubble mixture on them and Tane thinks that when you blow, it blows the bubble mixture out and that makes the bubbles. Gracie adds that when you blow in the cup it goes out through the holes and that makes the bubbles.
Then the bubbles turn red because the food colouring is spread on the bubble mixture when it comes through the holes, thought Shannon and Yassmine.  Gracie thinks the bubbles look pink not red because the colour molecules are stretched out across the bubble.


  1. Cool experiment 6sess. I can imagine you all had loads of fun doing this. Fantastic logical explanations for the outcome of the experiments.