Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Persuasive writing - Guided writing

How to write an ad about skiing without using any words about snow!

This ski resort is just like a skating rink only bigger. There is a massive view from the top of the gondola.
Come on down to the ski ramp and you will have the time of your life! See the patterns your tracks make...
Wear a warm jacket, fluffy boots, cozy hat and snuggly gloves.
Come and enjoy the fun at the North Pole. Have you ever seen such a skyscraping wonderland?


  1. hello,
    I think we did a good job on the snow boarding writing.

  2. I think you guys did a fantastic job! Very clever not to use the word snow. Your description made me want to get out my hat boots and gloves. Maybe Harriet would like to try skiing again this year.:-)