Thursday, 11 April 2013

Our trip to the marae

What a wonderful trip to the marae we have had! The children tried their very best to follow the customs on the marae and did an excellent job. Top marks! How exciting to spend the day with Room 9 (and play relay racing in the dark) How strange to sleep in a beautiful room with 60 other people (only a little snoring!)
The mums and dads worked very hard to create lovely meals. Many thanks to Brendan, Chris, Kelly, Debs, Rachel, Erin, Michael, Bob...ooh have i forgotten anyone? I hope not, forgive me if i have and accept our huge thanks for a job well done.
6sess had the chance to present their storytelling at last. They did an excellent job and their audience was so impressed with the way they had made up the stories themselves, used their whole bodies to describe the details and spoke with clear confident voices. Ka pai.
It took a while to fit all the mattresses into the wharenui but soon we were all comfortably organised. We all slept surprisingly well and were so organised this morning we had an hour to spare to prepare for the powhiri. Once we had settled the classes from the main block we headed off to the Gorge to walk the Loop Track. What amazing views from the top and the big slip looks quite different from the top..a series of giant terraces like steps. Our legs got very tired but after a lofty lunch at the top of the big slip we were soon whizzing downhill back to the buses.
We will sleep well tonight...hopefully there won't be a fire alarm going off at 2 am this time!


  1. Great photo's!! James was proud of remembering his storytelling and loved playing in the dark. If his tiredness is anything to go by it looks like it was a great trip. Thanks to all who made it a success.

  2. Kirsty (Lukes mum)14 April 2013 at 02:01

    Luke had a great time, he was very tired but loved the experience.

  3. It was fun at the marae

  4. Nicola (Sam's mum)21 April 2013 at 10:28

    Hi 6sess. I had a fantastic day with you all at the marae. Sam's Grandad 'Bob' loved the experience too. Great haka!

  5. tracey (rebekahs mum}22 April 2013 at 19:44

    rebekah had an awesome time at the marae she was so tired when she got home after the long gorge walk she loved the experience, her dad loved staying and working in with the other parents he was also very tired.